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Monday, January 30, 2006

A Bit Overwhelming

Anyway, long time no talk! I was so excited to start blogging, yet have gotten so wrapped up in my life (hey the Information Age!). Things are definitely changing for me this semester. The biggest and newest addition to my life: Alpha Chi Omega!! I could not be happier since joining a sorority! Plus, I absolutely LOVE AXO! The experience of meeting such awesome girls, or as I should call them "sisters", has been incredible. There are 52 girls in my pledge class=a lot of girls to get to know in a short period of time! It's been a bit overwhelming, but I'm soo happy!
Speaking of overwhelming, let me say this week is going to be so stressful! I will be at the house for a couple of hours everynight, I have a big test and paper due, a function to prepare for this weekend, did I mention study? I am hardcore stressing out. Yay coollege ;)
Well, I definitely had an awesome weekend! Saturday I met my parents in Indy and had a wonderful time! My mom and I did some shopping while my step dad went MIA for a few hours (when we shop he can never keep up lol). Then, we went to din at Benihana's! Omg let me say I love that restaurant! Our chef was so awesome and did the best knife tricks! I'm not going to lie, I was a little scared for my life. After that, we went to see Larry the Cable Guy :) That show was HILARIOUS!! My step dad loves him, and it was his birthday, so we got tickets for him. I had never been to a comedy show before, but it was definitely a worth-while experience. I don't know if I'm maturing or just coming to realization, but since I've been in college I have gained so much respect for my parents. I miss them so much, and when I get to hang out with them I am so happy! Even when I go home for breaks, I spend more time with them than my friends. Geez, these are the signs of maturing and getting older :O It's pretty crazy, my mom and I will call each other at least 5 times everyday. Half of the time, we call each other for no significant reason. I love it though :)
Well, it's getting late, especially after retyping this dang thing... I'll definitely be keeping in touch though ;) xoxo
*Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow.


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