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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


In my telecommunications course, we are currently presenting information about 'living in the information age.' My group, Team Juno (my teacher's dog), presented an old-fashion skit with some mad props! Media Addiction was our topic, and honestly I have learned quite a lot about "addiction." Before the project, I never considered media interaction and communication as a potential addiction. After researching the popular forms of media, including cell phones, AIM & Facebook, I believe that addiction care really occur. When I walk across campus I see almost every girl on her cell phone. Speaking for the females, I know that talking on your phone while walking to class is a form of comfort & ease. You sometimes feel awkward walking to class in silence, making weird eye contact with other people. If you are on your phone you become easily distracted and occupied, and you can laugh & chat without feeling weird. When we get to class, we put our phones on silent and usually send a few texts during the course period. It's that sneaky trick where your phone is in your bag and you just place your bag on your lap and text away! We females are soo good at it! Class is dismissed, and we immediately turn on our phones and make a call! What the hell did females do before cell phones? I feel bad for the generation of no cell phones. I bet campus appeared really awkward and dead. Haha. I always wonder how many girls just make random, soo not important calls. I'll confess: I'm guilty of the basic chit chat! I'll call my mom, say "hey whatsup", and talk about what I did in class, where I'm heading to now, etc. Pointless conversations complete my days!! I would definitely agree that cell phones can become addictive, but I'm not hating on it... I'm an addict myself!


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