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Created the beginning of my second semester @ IU. Reporting the good, the bad, and the most memorable moments of my life.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Closing Time

My first year of college, come and gone already. I cannot even tell you where this year has gone, but it has done exactly that. It seems like just yesterday I was moving all of my stuff in with my parents. I remember the room being a complete disaster as my roommate and I had boxes upon boxes, refridgerator, micro, computers, bedspreads, containers, tv, fooood... As my parents left I felt a whirl wind of emotions come before me. I was sad to see them drive away; nervous to have them gone; anxious to live with my best friend; nervous about meeting the new people on my floor. It was a scene taken right out of a movie. The parents drive off and the little brown-eyed girl is on her own. I have experienced so much this year, more than I have in my entire lifetime. I would definitely say that I am a new and improved individual. The new friends that I have made, the choices I have had to make, the mistakes I made, they all have helped structure who I am right now. In 8 months I have changed my life for the better, and I couldn't be any happier. College is what you make it. You can be that kid who doesn't go to class, parties until the sunrise and sleeps all day long to get up and do it again, wastes his parents money on alcohol and late night pizzas. Yeah, that would be fun and quite possibly "the" life for a lot of people. Or, if you're like me, you realize that four years of partying and not caring just isn't the life for you. I've come to realize that I want to live my life as healthy, positive, fun and worthwhile as possible. College is that in-between stage, that time when you are finally on your own yet you have so much opportunity to do whatever the hell you want. I haven't quite figured out what I want to do with it, but I'm living it, and I'm living the life I was born to live. May the next three years of my life continue to be as prosperous as this year, and may I only continue to grow...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We Drink More in a Week Than Your School Does in a Year

*LITTLE 5* -- The best college week in the nation!! Ooh man, coming to IU I've heard so many great and exciting things about this week, but I had no idea it was going to be quite like this! Honestly, up until this week I have been a bit confused as to what actually was involved with Little 5. I knew it was a big bike race & a week of partying, but I had no idea just how amazing it all really is! I watched Breaking Away last week, and that movie alone really gave me a lot of insight as to what the whole event is about! It is so much more than just a "bike race." I find it so amazing that an event has become so historic and well-known on a college campus, as well as respected and supported. Our campus doesn't consider this event and the week leading up to it as a little spectacle, an amateur bike race. Bloomington and the campus worships this event!! I have had teachers cancel class, my dorm has been doing really cool activities all week long! Bands have been playing live every night at different houses and fraternities. The whole campus atmosphere is just amazing! Students are happy, enthusiastic, highly drunk but having a great time doing it for a great cause, and just everything is so uplifting! Famous rappers are coming, different events across campus highlight each day and night. People from all over the country and across college campuses are coming to this event! I am estatic at just how awesome this really is, yet how clean and wholesome it is celebrated! Grill outs, hearing music 24/7, people outside playing catch, everything about it is awesome! Man, who needs Facebook and iPods when you have Little 5 week?!?!?

Friday, April 07, 2006


Ooh Bloomington, heart of Indiana's tornado valley! It's interesting to me that so many issues of tornadoes exist here, for just 2 hours northwest at home, we never have tornado warnings! I mean, we would get the few warnings per spring season, but nothing like here in bloomington! Today, we were all just sitting in our dorm rooms and not a single RA or adult came onto our floor!! My dad called me FREAKING OUT, and we just casually sat in our hallway. College, it really does mean being on our own. I just saw a girl outside in a white t and short shorts, diving in mud puddles. Classy!! Well this is all for now, I'm going to go play in the rain!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


In my telecommunications course, we are currently presenting information about 'living in the information age.' My group, Team Juno (my teacher's dog), presented an old-fashion skit with some mad props! Media Addiction was our topic, and honestly I have learned quite a lot about "addiction." Before the project, I never considered media interaction and communication as a potential addiction. After researching the popular forms of media, including cell phones, AIM & Facebook, I believe that addiction care really occur. When I walk across campus I see almost every girl on her cell phone. Speaking for the females, I know that talking on your phone while walking to class is a form of comfort & ease. You sometimes feel awkward walking to class in silence, making weird eye contact with other people. If you are on your phone you become easily distracted and occupied, and you can laugh & chat without feeling weird. When we get to class, we put our phones on silent and usually send a few texts during the course period. It's that sneaky trick where your phone is in your bag and you just place your bag on your lap and text away! We females are soo good at it! Class is dismissed, and we immediately turn on our phones and make a call! What the hell did females do before cell phones? I feel bad for the generation of no cell phones. I bet campus appeared really awkward and dead. Haha. I always wonder how many girls just make random, soo not important calls. I'll confess: I'm guilty of the basic chit chat! I'll call my mom, say "hey whatsup", and talk about what I did in class, where I'm heading to now, etc. Pointless conversations complete my days!! I would definitely agree that cell phones can become addictive, but I'm not hating on it... I'm an addict myself!

Monday, March 13, 2006


*~*SPRING BREAK*~* AAh I love it! Being able to come home has come at a perfect time! School has really been stressing me out :/ Time management is just totally killing me this semester, and I really need to step it up this last month. Speaking of, I can't believe we only have a little over a month left of school!! Where has this year gone? This year has by far been the fastest school year of my life! It kind of saddens me though, I mean I don't want to get old :O And, I have yet to decide what my major will be, and that really freaks me out! I find it nearly impossibly to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to do it all actually, not just one specific occupation. Uugh I just don't know. Well I head to Florida tonight, 18 hour drive woo! Actually I don't mind car rides at all, especially road trips. I think I'll drive some too, which doesn't bother me a bit either. Can't wait to get down to that warm weather! I really want to escape this crazy Indiana weather. Last night, the tornado siren woke me up at 1:30am. My county was in the bulls-eye of the tornado warning, and I had to stay up for awhile early this morning to watch the sky. Our weather is so sketchy. I bout out-of-staters think Indiana is nuts! Well it is, and I can't wait to leave it. Well got to finish packing and I'm off!!! Paradise here I come!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Advertising 2 Extreme

Heey all you media-suckers in the information age! Ok, I was just reading an assigned reading for my english class by Kalle Lasn. She talks about the craziness of advertising, stating, "Advertisements are the most prevalent and toxic of the mental pollutants." This is a pretty strong opinion about the market-world today, but she goes on to give facts regarding advertising. An Atlanta marketing firm is planning to send an inflatable billboard filled with company logos into geostationary orbit, which will be seen every night like a second moon. THIS IS NUTS!! Why in the world (or outside the world apparently) would this firm think that advertising up in the sky, at night, is going to boost sales? A sprinter in Britain, Linford Christie, appeared at a press conference with contact lenses in his eyes that were imprinted with panthers, his sponsor's logo. If I looked at someone with panthers on their pupils, I would be scarred for life! I remember a girl in my high school who wore these red and white hypnotizing contacts, and the thought of them still scares me to death! IBM beams its logo onto the clouds above San Francisco with a laser. Bestfoods has come up with a plan to stamp its Skippy peanut butter logo onto a beach in New Jersey every morning at low tide, thus creating an advertisement for their brand for a few hours before the the waves wash it away. THIS IS INSANE!! I do not see how corporations are profitting from these types of outrageous advertisements. The Super Bowl, I have always thought, is crazy with its million dollar commercials. But the new wave of advertising techniques exceeds far beyond anything I have ever imagined. If companies are really profitting from these styles of marketing, then good for them! But I see it as a waste of money, money that can be used for far more important issues.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Living in the Midwest

Greetings from Indiana!! I just spoke with my best friend, who attends Santa Barbara out in California. Let me just describe the differences in our college lifestyles... Me, living in Indiana (the great midwest). Last week I was outside in a light jacket, today it is 10 degrees and the wind feels like needles! My dorm is a complete pit. All weekend long, for instance, there was a ripped pizza box scattered all over the hallway floor. Pepperoni, onions, cheese, and crust were all over! I love how whoever made that mess failed to clean it up at all during the weekend. My hallway constantly smells like butt, there are stains on the carpet, the bathroom is disgusting, I mean I could go on forever. Then there is Brittney, living in sunny California. She was out on the beach multiple times last week. Her condo overlooks the ocean, and she has weekly maid service. She has several little cafes surrounding her condo. Uugh, I'm so jealous! It's amazing how two college girls can live such drastically different lives. I wonder what the people think, especially the girls, who come to Indiana from the coasts. I always ask myself that, "why would you come to Indiana?" Maybe it's not as bad as what I think. I mean I love IU and Bloomington, I just feel like there is so much more out there, and it just amazes me how people are living completely different lives in one country. I think I'm going to live in California, actually I know I will. There's more than corn in Indiana, but I'm searching for the gold...