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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Don't Stop Believing

My first blog!! I'm pretty excited about starting this blog, for I've always been intrigued with journal writing and reflecting. I was going to talk all about my new obsession, Sorority! However, my day has not gone as planned, and frankly I'm not in the mood. So instead, I'll talk about what happened today :(
*Today was the day. Today was the day millions of people have been waiting for. Today was game day. I could simply say that I'm a football fan, but that would be an understatement. I am obsessed with football! It's my favorite sport hands down. But what do I love so much about football? THE COLTS! My family has always been huge Colts fans. For some reason, this year was unlike all others. I was a Colts fanatic, and I, like so many others, knew for a fact that they would go to the Superbowl. It wasn't even questionable; it was just a given. The Colts have had so much going for them this year, and it seemed for most of the season that they were "that team". Tragedy struck the coach and team, and the Colts ended their season with two unfortunate losses. But I still believed that they would come back, play like they knew how to play, and make it through play-offs. I was watching the game today at Scotty's. First of all, a sports bar is a risky place to watch a big game. There were tons of Colts fans, but there were also those loud, cocky, and obnoxious Steelers fans that made me want to blow up! It was an intense game, but not what anybody had expected. The Colts played lousy, and until the last part of the game, they showed no motivation of winning. I watched in a daze as the clock ran out, and the Steelers claimed victory. I cried :( Sounds very lame, I know, but you have to understand how much of a fan I am! The Colts were amazing this year, and this was their year! But they blew it this game. UGH MAKES ME ANGRY JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! And seriously, Vanderjagt's job is to kick field goals!! He hadn't missed a single one at home all season! (Ok I just read an article on Vanderjagt and it said he stayed hours after the game in the locker room, in uniform, by himself. I feel bad now, poor guy). Well it is nobody's fault, but it sure ruined my day :/ I hung my Manning jersey up in my closet. Don't know when I'll wear it next.
Well, this first draft was kind of a bummer, but I am just so upset. It has been an awesome season, and I can only hope that next season will be just as incredible. I'm still a true fan, and I still love the Colts. Don't stop believing.


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