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Friday, February 24, 2006

Advertising 2 Extreme

Heey all you media-suckers in the information age! Ok, I was just reading an assigned reading for my english class by Kalle Lasn. She talks about the craziness of advertising, stating, "Advertisements are the most prevalent and toxic of the mental pollutants." This is a pretty strong opinion about the market-world today, but she goes on to give facts regarding advertising. An Atlanta marketing firm is planning to send an inflatable billboard filled with company logos into geostationary orbit, which will be seen every night like a second moon. THIS IS NUTS!! Why in the world (or outside the world apparently) would this firm think that advertising up in the sky, at night, is going to boost sales? A sprinter in Britain, Linford Christie, appeared at a press conference with contact lenses in his eyes that were imprinted with panthers, his sponsor's logo. If I looked at someone with panthers on their pupils, I would be scarred for life! I remember a girl in my high school who wore these red and white hypnotizing contacts, and the thought of them still scares me to death! IBM beams its logo onto the clouds above San Francisco with a laser. Bestfoods has come up with a plan to stamp its Skippy peanut butter logo onto a beach in New Jersey every morning at low tide, thus creating an advertisement for their brand for a few hours before the the waves wash it away. THIS IS INSANE!! I do not see how corporations are profitting from these types of outrageous advertisements. The Super Bowl, I have always thought, is crazy with its million dollar commercials. But the new wave of advertising techniques exceeds far beyond anything I have ever imagined. If companies are really profitting from these styles of marketing, then good for them! But I see it as a waste of money, money that can be used for far more important issues.


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