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Monday, February 06, 2006


Well I, like millions of other Americans across the country, tuned in to watch the Superbowl last night. This was the first year I was not very into the actualy game. Seeing the Steelers in it instead of the Colts just really killed my interest. I did watch it however, but for the reason most people do; the commercials. There weren't a whole lot this year that really had me laughing. But you know what does make me chuckle? The just idea that companies spend millions of dollars for 20 seconds of airplay. Seriously, what is the point of spending such large amounts of money for a commercial? Do these corporations believe that airing their products during the Superbowl will actually convince viewers to get their product? Seems to me that most of these companies air commercials reguarly anyway, so what connection does the Superbowl have with increased consumer buying? I don't know, I guess these companies just have too much money, and they don't have anything better to spend it on than making 20 second commercials. And what about the ones that aren't even intended to by humorous? Nobody wants to watch nonfunny commercials during the Superbowl!! I am really interested in finding out just how much these commercials increase consumer interest and buying. Must be nice to be able to spend millions for a 20 second commercial.


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