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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We Drink More in a Week Than Your School Does in a Year

*LITTLE 5* -- The best college week in the nation!! Ooh man, coming to IU I've heard so many great and exciting things about this week, but I had no idea it was going to be quite like this! Honestly, up until this week I have been a bit confused as to what actually was involved with Little 5. I knew it was a big bike race & a week of partying, but I had no idea just how amazing it all really is! I watched Breaking Away last week, and that movie alone really gave me a lot of insight as to what the whole event is about! It is so much more than just a "bike race." I find it so amazing that an event has become so historic and well-known on a college campus, as well as respected and supported. Our campus doesn't consider this event and the week leading up to it as a little spectacle, an amateur bike race. Bloomington and the campus worships this event!! I have had teachers cancel class, my dorm has been doing really cool activities all week long! Bands have been playing live every night at different houses and fraternities. The whole campus atmosphere is just amazing! Students are happy, enthusiastic, highly drunk but having a great time doing it for a great cause, and just everything is so uplifting! Famous rappers are coming, different events across campus highlight each day and night. People from all over the country and across college campuses are coming to this event! I am estatic at just how awesome this really is, yet how clean and wholesome it is celebrated! Grill outs, hearing music 24/7, people outside playing catch, everything about it is awesome! Man, who needs Facebook and iPods when you have Little 5 week?!?!?


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